Maintenance and Decay in the Post-Materialist Society
Lecture, 12 July 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.










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Alternative Inhabitation of Urban Vacancy
How research and cooperation can help design to enage in society
Final Comments on the 2012 KIID Space Design Award Contest, October 2012, Seoul, Korea.

If there is no Truth, Dutch Design it
Lecture, May 2007, Seoul, South-Korea.

Representation of Reflection in Action
Scenarios towards a representation of topical artistic research in the field of interior design
MAHKU-article, February 2008, Utrecht, The Netherlands.





Opening up new contexts will be crucial in design
Reflections on Design education on the Arena Design Fair
Interview, June 2009, Poznan, Poland.
Alternative Strategies for Urban Development
Article in Slumab Magazine of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, New York, 2009/1

Beyond Design Culture, Cultivation through Design
How a model of Resourcing Knowledge can inform design transparently.
Theme Lecture at the 2012 AIDIA International Design Symposium, October 2012, Seoul, Korea.

Product Design Beyond Urban Consumerism
How small scale treatment can revitalise the Urban tissue.
Lecture, Arena Design Fair, May 2010, Poznan, Poland.


The Potential of Creative Investigation
How a data guided design process can help profile the profession.
Lecture, 2011 IDA Congress, October 2011, Taipei, Taiwan.
If there is no Truth, Dutch Design it
Lecture, May 2007, Seoul, South-Korea.