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Oud Zuilen
Act to investigate
Creating the context is my job
You realise what you realise
Creating an inspiring environment, that's the job of an interior architect. It means accepting the circumstances and revealing its potential to create space to live. Design is thinking in possibilities. Make the most of the opportunities to challenge further development. Space needs efficiency and atmosphere to make it a functional place with a characteristic experience. To give it an inspiring dimension however, another layer is requested. This is the art of embodiment. It starts with the conviction that all activities leave its traces in time, space and material. In the reversed way organized matter can facilitate space to intensify the moment and so invite people to be present. The creation of the right spatial context enables to reveal the qualities at hand.
Since production is on bad terms with creation, design is often mistaken for the execution of a concept. However, in the process of creation, thought and action are interwoven. Whenever a context is regarded as being unique, reflection in action is the key to unexpected possibilities. In the acceptance of interconnected and constantly changing aspects of the situation, design- proposals are the instruments to investigate the situation.
Especially furniture provides us with both a relation with space and a tool to handle. This ambiguity is the essence of presence: exposing your individuality by both offering and serving. The paradox of furniture is connecting inside and outside. A invitation to be present.

The way I look, effects what I see, determines my reaction, establishes my habits, and so that’s what I become. The way of understanding creates reality; therefore it is most important to create a broad view in precise action. In the end you realise is what you realise.